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on-board weighing systemThere are certain instances in mining operations where weighing loads from a designated weighing site is purely inefficient. This is when 澳门皇冠体育投注官网地址 come into play.

On-board weighing systems are some of the most simple, accurate, easy-to-install, and universally-applicable weighing systems for haul trucks and other load-bearing equipment.


On-board scales are weighing systems that are integrated to the vehicles, trucks or equipment and measure the weight of their in-bound loads without needing external weighing systems. In trucks for instance, they’re seamlessly installed onto the trucks’ chassis with interface provided in the driver’s cab.

How Do On-board Weighing Systems Work?on-board weighing system display澳门皇冠体育投注安卓客户端

They work using mounting sensors, which are installed in-between the chassis and axle of the trucks, vehicles or equipment. In vehicles, the load sensor mechanism measures the spring deflection once you load the vehicle, from which on-board load weight measurements are derived instantly. This is usually measured through electronic burden cells, applying strain gauge technology onto the overall vehicle scale system. The temperature of the cells is repaid and requires minimum maintenance.

The digital read-out display fitted inside the vehicle’s cabin allows for easy recording and assessment of the weight metrics. In most systems, the display takes the form of a huge LCD screen with illuminated digits.


What purpose do on-board weighing systems serve in helping various businesses and industries determine the weight of heavy-duty loads on different pieces of equipment?


Conveyor belt on-board weighing systems are suitable for stationary applications such as in mining operations or warehouses. Multiple scales can be monitored from one controller, which minimizes error and supervisory overhead.

on-board conveyor weighing systems


On-board forklift weighing systems are usually smaller than other scales, but offer increased productivity and improved safety in high-paced environments. They allow operators to load vehicles correctly and to check the available stock against predetermined benchmarks or pallet weights pre-programmed onto the on-board weigh systems.


There are certain on-board weigh systems which are so sophisticated that they are used in grain carts, loaders and combines to track weight as well as to record moisture content, grain yield, harvest rate and speed of collection.


On-board rail car weigh systems are designed to aid assign value to loads being transported on railroad cars. They are often installed onto the main lines of rail tracks, and not necessarily onto rail cars themselves.


On board weighing systems fitted on dump trucks and haul trucks are common option for ag weighing. They can be fitted on various types of load bearing trucks, which makes them very versatile.

Pfreundt On-board Systems for Miningon-board systems澳门皇冠体育有问题投注

澳门皇冠体育投注安卓客户端, a German-based manufacturer and engineer behind some of the most revolutionary on-board weighing technology, is a leading brand in the mining industry. Pfreundt on-board scales can be integrated various forms of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment providing weight data of the loads being carried.

In North America, there are various suppliers of on-board weighing systems. One of the most reputable suppliers of 澳门皇冠体育投注娱乐平台 is Walz Scale.

Walz Scale offers a wide variety of on-board weighing systems and truck scales, including wheel weighers, axle scales and weighbridges among other advanced systems. Each weighing solution is tailored for specific industrial applications, such as transport, agriculture, mining and waste management.


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Mining Scale is a branch of Walz Mining, a 澳门皇冠体育投注二维码网址 for resource extraction companies. Mining Scale was spawned as a resource for companies in need for advanced weighing products and solutions.

From portable scales to weigh trucks and heavy duty axle scales, to onboard mining truck scales and conveyor belt scales, Mining Scale is your source for all types weighing technologies and payload management solutions. To find more information, products and solutions, visit Walz Mining too see various mining scale systems.

Also in partnership of is the technological leader in load scanner systems, This advanced load scanner has progressed payload management processes for many mining companies.






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