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3 Industry-Leading Mining Truck Scales 澳门皇冠体育投注平台

There's no doubt that heavy-duty truck scales are widely used in the mining industry for weighing and payload management purposes. The load on a truck or vehicle often needs to be calculated by weighing the vehicle in both unloaded (for calibration) and loaded to determine payload weight and overall value.

leading mining truck scales

In just last couple years, many advancements have been made in technology used for 澳门皇冠体育投注网站软件, such as the integration of software, digital output displays and computerization, and on-board and in-motion weighing systems to further improve efficiency. This article focuses on the three industry-leading mining truck scales that are unique and technologically-advanced in the features they provide.


The in-motion axle truck scales are one of the most advanced systems for mining companies that need a portable and efficient truck scale system. Spearhead by Walz Scale, the axle scale systems include a number of options, including the AXW-30 series, AXW-45 series, AXW-95 series, and AXW-110 series of scale systems. The maximum allowed weight goes up to 110 tons which is far superior compared to other portable truck scales.

Like the name implies, these澳门皇冠体育投注平台官网s allow operators to accurately weigh trucks as they pass over the scale unit as speeds of about 3 MPH. This drastically helps accelerate throughput and efficiency, which is paramount to any high-volume mining operation. Already common in farming and agricultural sectors (per the video below), in-motion axle scales can provide the ultimate solution among portable truck scales.

The base material for constructing these in-motion axle scales is the structural steel of high strength and durability. This makes their performance robust even under extreme conditions. The weighing pads are completely waterproof making it favorable to work under any conditions. They are capable of providing the total vehicle weight with easier portability.

The 澳门皇冠体育投注平台 are provided with removable lightweight ramps which facilitates allowance of simple access of the scale pads and brighter alert for the drivers visually. The ramps are easily handled and their installation and removal is done with ease. The provision of rechargeable battery that is built-in allows extended hours of the scale operation. Truck Scale Kiosk

The integral printer and kiosk system allows the printing of total vehicle weight and axle almost immediately. The weight is also displayed with the LCD backlight display, making the reading clear and measurements are taken easily. The weight study software allows the users to track a multitude of data like weight, payload, tire load data, TPMS and manage them in a single database. The load analysis tools that's integrated on these advanced portable axle scales help in identifying accurate volume carried and manage the payload.


澳门皇冠体育有问题投注 are used for weighing loads carried by wheel loaders directly from the vehicle itself (as on-board scales are directly integrated with no external units required.) The installation of on-board scales is quick and easy, and the operational procedures are relatively simpler. On-board loader scales from Walz are 澳门皇冠体育投注官方登录. The patented sensor technology makes the wheel loader scale more reliable and durable.on-board truck weigh scale installation process


These on-board weighing scale systems are unique in a way that they are helpful in tracking production data and producing accurate, efficient, and consistent weight values without much upkeep. These on-board weighing systems work under extreme conditions and are capable of delivering precise results.

The maintenance of these on-board wheel loader scales are relatively simple and does not involve any expenses. The loader scale is designed to be very tough and robust to work under any conditions. The graphical operator interface comes will the necessary tools and delivers accurate and efficient operations. These loader scales deliver accurate results at an affordable cost.


portable wheel weighersThe 澳门皇冠体育投注网址 are useful for weighing the vehicles both in stationery and moving conditions. The AXW-30 series of the portable wheel weighers are capable of measuring up to a weight of 30 tons. The weighers are constructed of a single piece of lightweight aluminum. This makes them easily portable to different places and provides protection from the environment.

The weighing pads on these portable axle scales to weigh trucks are made waterproof, which is ideal for mining operations working under extreme conditions. The ramps are lightweight and are easily handled as they can removed after use. The ramps allow easy access to the scale pads and provide a visual alert for the drivers in a bright way. The construction of the AXW series portable scales facilitates easy exit and entry of the vehicles in the scale pads, and with very accurate data of weight and payload.

in-motion axle scales

The weight is displayed with LCD background and provides clear visibility for taking measurements. The process of weighing is easier with these portable wheel weighers because the vehicles need not be stopped for measuring each axle. The set-up of these scales is relatively easier and are user-friendly.

As weighing technology continues to evolve, manufacturers like Walz Scale will continue push the envelope with mining truck scales the further accelerate throughput and efficiency.

How Walz Scale Helps Mining Companies Dramatically Increase Throughput 澳门皇冠体育投注官方登录

Walz Scale recently introduced one of the most advanced payload scanner systems that can help mining companies dramatically increase payload management throughout and significantly reduce costs. load volume scanner unit

The 澳门皇冠体育投注app地址 technology has proved to be highly accurate and capable of producing precise volume measurements and weight calculations. In short, the goal beyond Walz Scale was to engineer cutting edge system that can assist mining companies with their payload operations by eliminating the need to use costly and cumbersome truck scale systems. As a result, the company has made an even bigger name in the resource extraction industry by offering the most effective and efficient means to determine the value of their work.


Unlike other Walz truck scale products, the line of 3D scanners are more affordable and easy to install on almost any mining site. The scanner units can either be fixed permanently or temporarily so that users can move them to specific weighing points.

The 3D scanning system also helps to reduce labor costs by automating work that would otherwise have necessitated additional workforce to complete. As a result, mining companies can save both cost-effectively and more efficiently through their operations.

data load scanWith the 3D load scanners from Walz, truck loads are calculated within the shortest possible time (while trucks are in motion) thereby enabling quick and reliable extraction of load data. The scanners also help in eliminating resource wastage since load spillage and extra truck bed space could be easily identified, enabling companies to pinpoint strategies to reduce wastage and maximize the load volume of each truck bed.

The system has also encourage increased efficiency and reliability since the scanners are optimized and tailored to meet the needs of the customer. They are also flexible and durable thus reducing the cost that could have been spent in installing, maintaining and managing other mining scale systems.


As for the working order of the 3D volumetric load scanner system, empty trucks drive under the scanner unit to calculate total volume of the truck bed. Once this benchmark is integrated in the software, the same trucks (once loaded) can then drive under the scanner to get an accurate 3D volume reading.

empty load scanner

This volumetric data can then be converted into weight with specific inputs telling the system precisely what the load contents are comprised of. A printable ticketing system is also integrated for tracking and billing.

loaded load scan truck bed

The 3D scanners can also be applied and integrated to other types of equipment, such as conveyor belts. These scanners provide seamless and accurate performance that require little maintenance by mining team. When problems do arise, the equipment is typically easy to troubleshoot, thus reducing wasted downtime costs as well as other maintenance costs.

On-board Loader Scales Offer Efficient Solutions for Mining Companies 澳门皇冠体育投注二维码娱乐

On-board loader scales are the ultimate tool to improve the overall output and efficiency of your mining company's payload management process. 澳门皇冠体育投注平台官网 offers a variety of loader scales that work on-board virtually any wheel loader. Once installed, these advanced weigh scale systems can quickly and efficiently provide weight measurements of the vehicles load.

wheel loader scales on-board

The three different on-board loader scales we offer at Walz Scale are similar in nature, but each have their own specifications and level of capacity. No matter which model you choose, an on-board wheel loader scale from Walz Scale can help your mining operations increase throughput with accurate and timely load weight measurements.


This is our basic on-board loader scale and is a perfect choice for the miner who wants to calculate the weight of their loads at a very affordable price. The WK50XS is extremely easy to install, is durable and built to function in all working conditions.

mining loader scales

In addition to weighing loads, this wheel loader scale can track production over time. If you want to increase loading efficiency and better track your production, all for an affordable price, the 澳门皇冠体育投注appapp model is the perfect on-board loader scale for your company.


The second loader scale in the line of wheel loader scales from Walz Scale offers all the advantages of the first, plus advanced data collection. Not only is the WK50S simple to use, accurate and durable but the added features are what make it truly unique.

loader scale installation

The WK50S provides volume calculations to further detail production efforts. Also, an 

optional printer means your operator can print custom tickets in any conditions. Finally, the USB drive capability makes transferring data from the loader scale to your office computer a simple task. With the 澳门皇冠体育投注平台官网, any mining company will receive all the qualities of a Walz loader scale, plus advanced data collection features.


Our premium wheel loader scale is the 澳门皇冠体育投注代理注册. This loader scale offers the most features for the ultimate in modern weight load management and tracking. The WK50 loader scale is fitted with a backlit LCD screen that offers perfect visibility during night and day.

on-board scale print out read out

For the most advanced data collection and management, the WK50 comes to you pre-loaded with functions. That means you can track customer records, driver records, customer records and more, immediately on arrival. Lastly, WK50’s come equipped with radio, USB and Modem communication ability. This means that communication of data across your site has never been easier or more efficient.

As a leader in on-board truck scales and precision weighing equipment, Walz Scale systems are the best in the mining business and can help any company interested in weight load management. Included in the price of all Walz loader scales is our service guarantee. We have local service offices throughout North America to offer support for all of our customers. In addition, our certified test weights are proven to keep all of our scales functioning accurately throughout the duration of their lives.

Do not wait any longer to improve and record the production of your mining business. Join the thousands of companies who have found the amazing results that our line of Walz on-board loader scales can offer. From affordability to advanced metrics to premium communications and data collection, Walz Scale makes a loader scale that offers efficient solutions for any mining company.


5 Walz Scale Products That Can Dramatically Increase Throughout 澳门皇冠体育投注登录安卓

Walz Scale is one of North America's most prolific suppliers of advanced scales weighing systems for mining companies. The company's 澳门皇冠体育投注官网 are state-of-the-art and use some of the weighing industry's most cutting-edge technology.

mining weigh scales

Over the years, Walz Scale澳门皇冠体育投注客户端下载 has released several game-changing products that have taken the mining industry to the next level. In this article, we highlight five of those products that have help miner dramatically increase throughput.


in-motion portable truck scalesIn-motion portable truck scales are easily moved and installed just anywhere you need. They are good for a variety of settings, including mining weigh stations, as well as farming and construction applications. For instance, farmers can measure grain bins before they go to the market on the run. Whereas, miners can weigh pay loads quickly as haul trucks do not need to come to a dead stop to get weight measurements. The in-motion portable truck scale can accurately calculate load weight while trucks move a slow speed over the scale.

These are portable scales that can be easily carried anywhere from weigh site to weigh site. They have a heavy duty aluminum construction that allows them to withstand hard working conditions. The complete kit includes case for easy storing away and an integrated weight ticket printer to print out the results of every measurement. Payload Pros, a sister company of Walz Scale, offers these portable truck scales for rent. Learn more about Payload Pro's rental options.


on-board truck scale readout

On-board truck scales are well-known at accelerating the weighing process of haul trucks, semi trucks, and other mining vehicles. These on-board scale systems are integrated on the actual truck (thus "on-board") which adds a layer of convenience.

On-board truck scales are equipped with an easy-to-read, operator interface with LCD display which easily let's the operator know the current truck load weight, which is ultimately where the value comes into place. These advanced truck scale systems offer quick installation, and just by reading the manual, users are able to configure their trucks with this system.


These in-motion weigh scales, which are directly installed onto train tracks to weigh rail car loads, allow for heavy-duty weighing while loads are being transported to their destination. This is ideal for mining settings where the rail cars are used to transport coal, iron ore, and other extracted materials.

Although in-motion rail scale technology sounds complex, these are very convenient systems that are easily installable, reliable, and highly accurate. Rail scales help to ensure that all operations in any mining settings can work flawlessly and smoothly. These systems from Walz Scale are also portable, so they can moved from one train track to another.


weigbridge walz scale

Weighbridge truck scales offer a multiple of capacities for heavy-duty weighing needs. These are ideal to be placed in strategic crossings. There your trucks have to pass through and you can leverage this system to measure the current weight of your trucks.

Weighbridges are a very simple system that's intuitive to use, but not as easy to install compared to other truck scale systems. Weighbridge truck scales offer a centralized weighing system that feeds all measured data into your screen.


The Walz Load Scanners is not actually a truck scale, but offers an efficient and more affordable alternative to determining load weight. The load scanner is able to scan the truck bed load as it passes under the laser reading system.

load scanner unit澳门皇冠体育投注软件首页

The 3D image generated from the scanning process provides a volume measurement which can then be calculated into weight (with the right inputs of materials, etc.)

Regardless of the loads humidity or density, this system is highly advanced and able to differentiate the loads by its contents (e.g. sand, coal, iron ore, etc.) It is easy to install, low maintenance, and accurate in determining load weights. In short, the Walz Load Scanner system is revolutionary system that is replacing the need of most truck scales used in mining applications.

These advanced weighing systems from Walz Scale are among the top used by most companies in the industry. They help to speed-up the weighing and payload management processes through which mining companies around the country and the world are able leverage.

5 Advanced Payload Scales for Mining Trucks & Equipment 澳门皇冠体育投注客户端检测

Accurate weight data is essential for almost all business in the mining industry. Weight provides valuable and vital information concerning the efficiency, regulatory compliance, and profitability of a mining company's efforts. 

mininh haul truck scale

To ensure accurate data measurement in a mining context, the strength, reliability, and consistency of the weighing equipment are paramount considerations. A weighing system should work consistently and accurately in the most demanding situations. For this reason, a variety of weigh scales systems have been developed to support such needs. Below we delve into some of the most advanced and highly-utilized weigh scales systems that help mining companies thrive.  


Haul truck scales can provide load data for individual loads loaded into trucks or the gross weight and the net weight of the load. Most haul truck scales have custom integrated weighing mechanism that isolate the truck bed from truck chassis (otherwise known as on-board truck scales.) As a result, you can have these systems installed with weight indicators/terminals in the truck cab. Some may also have communication system using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also software systems for data collection and analysis.

Wheel Loader Scales wheel loader scale澳门皇冠体育投注官方登录

Wheel loader scales, or specifically, front-end wheel loader scales, are usually with a purpose of combining accurate and consistent weight readings to increase the productivity of mining operations. Mostly the wheel loader scales will allow basic weight reading, will show the target loads and also log the data in a standard way. Depending on your need, you can also get front-end loader scales with added features like wireless data managed through a Wi-Fi, in-built reverse cameras, and product recognition.


In a mining site, you can use the conveyor belt scale to guaug the mass and flow rate of the material moving over a conveyor belt of any length. The system has to be on a supported straight section of belt, which has no vertical or a sideways curvature and as close to level as possible.

conveyor belt scale

Also the weighed support remains vertically and horizontally aligned with the supports to avoid any tensile forces in the system. The output data from the conveyor scales systems is usually pulses showing increase in mass or an analog signal to show the proportional flow rate. Learn more abut on-board conveyor belt scales and click here.


Rail scale technology can streamline transportation and the processing procedures of minerals as they remain on rails. You can install rail scales them directly on train rails for weighing any freight cargo and all the minerals extracted from the ground. By combing the rail scale placement with the rail transport, your recording work will be easier.

rail scales


To reduce the number of trips you may require to transport loads and material, you may integrate articulated truck scales on your articulated trucks. Additionally the articulated truck scales for sale will assist your mining company in reducing fuel costs and all the bottlenecks involved in weighing loads with the use of an external scale system.articulated truck scales

The supply of minerals is one of the challenges faced by mining industries as the demand constantly increases. Typically any mining company maximizes its operations to meet the demand from their customers and that from the emerging markets.

Within the mining site, the weighing scales and system should help you in monitoring efficiency in your load management operations as well as recording all the operations to determine the level of income. Mostly truck scales have to be strong enough to withstand all the tough conditions expected in the mining centers.

Walz Weighbridge Truck Scales for Mining Companies 澳门皇冠体育投注app地址


Weighbridge Truck ScaleFrom the time of exploration to the time of disposition of materials, accuracy in weight data contributes to greater operational efficiency, effectiveness of control, lower overhead costs, and regulatory compliance. For mining companies, this elements are vital, and often depend on a solid, dependable truck scale system.

The heavy duty mining scales, such as 澳门皇冠体育投注客户端下载, are vital tools in ensuring payload accuracy for different types of mining applications. The use of modern technology and componentery in weighbridge truck scales has significantly benefited the mining industry in many ways. 澳门皇冠体育投注登录安卓 is one supplier of weighbridges and payload solutions that exceed the industry standard.


The weighbridge truck scales from Walz Scale are integrated with software and applications that are aimed at improving the accuracy. Such mining scales help a great deal in maintaining effectiveness in management of payloads. Effective management requires a high degree of accuracy, which can only be achieved through utilization of the advanced technologies. Advancement in technology has resulted in modern industrial weighing scales, characterized by accuracy and dependability.

weighbridge scale for mining

Some phases of mining operation require special weighing scales, equipped with advanced features to not only weigh, but also analyze the extracted materials accurately. Modern truck scales ensure effectiveness of the payload systems as the offer the critical data need to assess laod values. The data obtained from the weighing machine can be easily recorded and exported to via Walz Scale's Payload Pro software platform.


A Walz Scale is an industry leader with many weighbridge scale applications that are compatible with various industries. Walz systems are preferred by most users due to their custom-integrated weighbridges, reliable calibration services, and dependable support. The main features included in Walz Scale's weighbridge truck scales includes:

  • full platform design
  • multiple scale sizes available
  • heavy duty weighbridge design
  • MSHA approved designs
  • multiple capacities available
  • rental truck scales available
  • custom designed weighbridge scales available.

Walz Scale's weighbridges are common forms of track scales, which are applicable to different areas spanning from mining and agricultural production to shipping and logistic companies. The weighbridge truck scale system can optimize any weight operation for faster throughput and minimized risk of overload fees.

Walz weighbridge truck scales are made of still and can be used to weigh on-road or off-road vehicles. This kind of portable weighing scale is ideal for demolition, construction, gravel, sand, other operation that involve transportation. It includes different models that can be assembled in the factory and are easy to install or move.

On-board Conveyor Belt Scale: Increased Throughput and Efficiency 澳门皇冠体育投注appapp

The utilization of 澳门皇冠体育投注代理注册 for mining and other recourse aggregators continues to rise in the industry. This can be attributed to the fact that mining companies are really focusing on boosting throughput and efficiency while minimizing overhead costs in their operations.

Also, such companies continue to cut down on the time wasted when truck loads are weighed from a single scale unit or weighing station. By leveraging on-board conveyor belt scales, mining companies can measure payload weights in much shorter periods of time.


The on-board conveyor belt scale was introduced in the mining industry as a way to address the shortfalls of conventional weighing technologies found in mines and plants, especially production rates and throughputs. This type of mining scale comes fully integrated onto different pieces of mining equipment, such as conveyor belts or onboard rails.

on-board conveyor belt scales

Conveyor belt scale systems typically feature a highly effective electronic or pressure-aided device that facilitates the determination of the loaded weight of materials on the conveyor belt. Essentially, this allows weight measurements to be calculated directly on the actual conveyor belt or piece of equipment without disrupting the operation, thus providing a number of exceptional benefits, including:

  • More convenient alternative to the in-ground scale
  • High efficiency
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Dependable production data and more

Modern conveyor belt scales feature state-of-the-art features, including multiple scale units and communication protocols that can be controlled via a single interface controller, impressive interface features that make it easy to control and interpret the information as displayed and a robust scale design that allows for extreme accuracy and durability for mining operations.


conveyor belt scaleThe main benefit of on-board conveyor belt scales is that it helps maximize the efficiency and throughput for mining operations. Unlike conventional in-ground scales, on-board conveyor belt scales truly optimize the levels of efficiency for various mining operations and weighing systems. They significantly reduce the time needed for measuring payloads as the loads can be tracked in “real time” during conveyor transport.

On-board weigh scale systems for conveyor belts also help mining companies to save time and money. By allowing weighing of materials to be performed when those materials are passing through the conveyor belt or other piece of mining equipment, these systems help companies minimize downtime by eliminating any redundant or unnecessary stages in the payload process.

In addition, on-board conveyor belt scale systems come with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that further help reduce operating costs and boost productivity. Among such technologies are the scale 3D volumetric scanning solutions, which have proven to be an invaluable tool for mining operations.

This technology enables mining companies to troubleshoot and monitor effectively various aspects of their mine operations, including material density, material fragmentation, load position and bed volume. Such payload data can be used to design and implement appropriate management solutions to reduce wasted resources and improve operational efficiency.

Rail Scale Technology: Innovation for Mining & Resource Extractors 澳门皇冠体育投注地址首页

Rail Scale TrainIn today’s highly competitive, resource-constrained world, any competitive advantage must be seized and exploited as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is doubly true for businesses that deal directly with minerals, fossil fuels, and other natural resources. The competition in these industries is fierce, and businesses must do whatever they can do give themselves an advantage, whether in the extraction, transport, or sale of resources.

Massive industry leaders spend billions of dollars every year in an effort to improve their extraction and payload management techniques, while finance firms and international competition have a strong hold on the pricing and selling techniques of these resources. Therefore the best and most feasible way to improve operations and scale profitability is in the transportation of natural resources.


While trucking and other traditional shipping methods have a strong grip on the transportation of most natural resource, rail and train transport is still an important facet of this industry. Extractors load their bounty of minerals onto rail cars, where they are often then shipped to a processing facility, weighed, and transported again to be sold. But what if firms could streamline this processing by combining rail transportation and weighing of their resources? This is where rail scales come in.

Rail Scales

澳门皇冠体育投注官方登录 are exactly as they sound - rail weigh scales which are located directly on train rails and used to weigh freight cargo and minerals extracted from the ground. It streamlines the transportation and processing procedures of mineral and resource companies in an extremely effective way, by combining the rail transport and the scale placement and weighing of cargo.

Rail Scale Weighbridge澳门皇冠体育投注平台官网Rather than requiring mining and other resource companies to purchase and maintain a separate industrial truck scale for all incoming freight and cargo, a rail scale system allows these firms to cut out these purchase and maintenance costs, including the cost of hiring dedicated workers to operate and maintain the on-site scale.

This combination of weighing and transportation vastly alleviates the difficult logistics involved in hauling the minerals mined from the extraction site to the client’s vehicles. Not only are the cost benefits attractive, but the time that rail scales save mining companies is an even more important advantage.


Rail Scale SystemIn our globalized world, any advantage a firm can create for itself is felt in its bottom line, and therefore in the bottom line of its competitors. If firm A is able to extract, weigh, transport, and sell its minerals in two weeks, while firm B can do the same thing in ten days, firm B is therefore able to extract and sell more resources, and win more contracts with more clients.

Rail scales are a great way to attain this leg up on the competition, because they decrease the time needed to weigh and process minerals and other natural resources. So while the cost of a rail scale weighbridge system may scare off some mining and shipping companies, savvy management knows that any competitive advantage is useful in our competitive marketplace, and therefore rail scales will make them more money in the long term.

On-Board Truck Scales: Advanced Efficiency for Payload Management 澳门皇冠体育投注网址

There are many types of mining trucks used in excavation, lifting, loading and transportation of minerals and compounds. Miners rely on accurate measurement of minerals and materials to ensure transportation losses are minimized and payload valuation is fluid and precise. Mining operations also use payload measurements to avoid overload violations and penalties.

on board scales mining trucks

Ensuring extracted resources and minerals are accurately measured will allow maximization of output and there are several scales used in accomplishing this. 澳门皇冠体育投注登录安卓 have become very popular and almost indispensable especially for those involved in large-scale mining activities.


On-board truck scales can be installed on skid steers, carts and loading trucks to quickly capture the weights and volumes passing through them. Some scales will only read measurements from a still cart or truck while most modern truck scale systems can read weights of carts in motion. They basically refer to modern measurement and scaling units or systems applied in the mining sector to enable accurate, quick and seamless measurement of excavated ores and minerals.

See the video below of how on-board scales installed on articulated trucks are making the mining industry more efficient by eliminating needless trips to weigh trucks at an external truck scale or weigh station.

On-board scales can be used during excavation, lifting, loading, transportation and off-loading of ores and minerals. There are different types of on-board scales used by miners today. All of them serve the same purpose, which is to provide ultimate accuracy and efficiency in measurement. Some on-board scale systems are more advanced than others and feature integration of computer technologies to improve performance.On Board Truck Scales

Wireless scales for example characterize high-end technology that allows quick measurement and effortless rendering of reading. A typical on-board scale used in truck and cart measurement feature three main parts; the sensors, processor and display.

The sensors quickly capture readings of weights of passing trucks and carts. Processors basically calculate accuracy of reading and render the information to displays that can be easily read. Other features include memory for information storage and keeping tracking records.


Minerals are very precious materials whose production is characterized by prohibitive expenses and overwhelming labor. Ensuring accurate measurement of all minerals is therefore a priority for any miner. However, other scaling methods require additional monitoring labor and may take a lot of time to establish reading.

Since the mining sector requires optimization of extraction and efficiency at work, systems that allow quick and accurate measurement are a goldmine. On-board truck scales used for mining can significantly streamline the mining process, reduce time spent in taking readings and guarantee accuracy. These scales allow miners to focus on other processes such as excavation and refinement. The scales also have small memory capacities that keep relevant information such as total trucks or carts measured and total weights recorded.

These metrics can be used to analyze other aspects of the business and in making important decisions. You can easily truck production over time without any difficulties. In the mining locations, efficiency, time optimization and accuracy are the three main sought qualities and this is what on-board scales bring into the process.

There are various types of 澳门皇冠体育投注代理app It is important to keenly assess the scale and identify whether it suites your needs. Modern scales that characterize computer technologies are the recommended choice mainly because of their efficiencies. It is always important to ensure the scale fits perfectly on the truck, cart or skid steer as this enables accurate reading.

Load Scanner Makes Payload Management Easier for Mining 澳门皇冠体育投注

Just recently, the 澳门皇冠体育有问题投注r was unveiled via its new website The incredible features, capabilities, and value of the Walz Load Scanner system have attracted the interest of companies involved in payload management, specifically in construction, mining, and farming operations. Load Scanner for mining

The 澳门皇冠体育投注网站地址 helps to ensure that haul trucks are sufficiently loaded all while calculating and measuring the volume of loads for payload valuation. This is made possible by the load scanner as the system can scan and produce a 3D image of the trucks and their contents while passing through the scanner.

In short, the Walz Load Scanner is revolutionizing the mining industry by offering a highly-efficient and affordable means to manage payloads. Below are some of the specific features provided by this cutting-edge load scanner system.


The scanned images are reviewed on the load scanner and analyzes the contents on the spot. Also, all images could be reviewed, and it's possible to determine if there are any concerns about the movement of the vehicle.

Load Scan Options load scanner澳门皇冠体育有问题投注

A load scanner could be utilized into two different load options when accessing the vehicle's load volume and capacity. It could work with scans for when the vehicle is filled with payload or when it's empty.

The program of this load scanner is user-friendly and it could help in managing different controls that allow unmanned functions while loading the information. Compared to heavy-duty and more expensive Payload management scales and systems, the Walz Load Scanner is unparalleled.


The Walz Load Scanner offers a very affordable payload management solution as compared to other systems. Likewise, installing a load scanner is relatively cheaper than the cost of weighbridges, making the site more efficient and simple.


Unlike other forms of payload valuation and management, the system by Walz could minimize the uncertainties, as well as the variables in compaction, moisture content, and load variation. In a nutshell, it could provide accurate calculations without the use of simple guessing or old school methods.


Due to the fact that the Walz Load Scanner was built to the highest standards, it's proven to endure decades of use in construction, mining, and other production operations. Likewise, it could be easily installed on any local scanning site, access driving, or adequate haul road.


The performance of Walz is really dependable and reliable, especially in the most remote environments, and even in extreme conditions. The load scanner could last for years without the need of scheduled servicing or recalibration.


It could be installed on the site and be operated on the same day. Also, once in operation, the Walz Load Scanner could make calculations in just a few seconds and the data could be accessed using the advanced software solutions.


The Walz Load Scanner is considered to be one of the best load scanner system available. It has a lot of functions that make it truly promising. Check out the video, or read on to learn more

The load manage software allows the user to create a 3D layout of the items to be measured and this would show the information on things, such as any compaction in the space, how the materials are loaded, and whether there would be any spillage. Furthermore, all the data could be delivered in a wireless manner to a mobile device or computer who has the same software installed. Lastly, the key is to link the device to the scanners so that all the data could be easily analyzed on the device.


Load image

The Load Scanner System functions with the following steps:

1) An empty truck would be scanned with a series of 3D lasers.
2) The information would be calculated by a computer and it'll analyze the intensity and depth of a load. Then, it'll create a 3D image of it.
3) The information would be stored in the device's memory storage.

Load tickets could also be produced by the load scanner system and these are important for analyzing the data on each load that comes. It could be used for reporting on items and ensuring that the clients would be billed properly.


Mining Scale is a branch of Walz Mining, a 澳门皇冠体育投注平台 for resource extraction companies. Mining Scale was spawned as a resource for companies in need for advanced weighing products and solutions.

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