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In-Motion Rail Scale Systems for Advanced Mining Operations 澳门皇冠体育投注官网官网

In-motion rail scale systems are one of the more latest and greatest weighing technologies used in advanced mining operations. 澳门皇冠体育投注在线下载 deliver powerful advantages for mining companies needing to weigh payloads accurately and motion rail scale system

But how exactly do these weighing systems work and how is the technology integrated in today's mining operations? Below we go into detail about the functionality and the advantages of using in-motion rail scale systems over other static system.


In-motion weighing systems record vehicle weights and axle loads by using advanced weighing technology. The gross weights are measured as the vehicle rolls over a specific site used for measuring. When it comes weighing vehicles by using in-motion rail scales, the system is set up to measure the weight of rail cars that are in motion.

This advanced rail scale system saves a lot of time since the rail car getting weighed does not have to come to a standstill first. Furthermore, the rail car does not have to be taken off the rails. Buy using this type of scale systems, the weighing process is much more effective and efficient. You can learn more about in-motion rail scale systems by visiting


In-motion rail scale systems can be installed in as little as 30 minutes at any location on the track. This installation includes advanced weighing software that further guarantees accurate measurements and allows better management and reporting procedures for mining operations. While installing the in-motion rail scale does not require any kind of special training, it is recommended to have an experienced technician complete the installation.

in motion rail scale installation

These systems can also be portable. Known as "Portable Train Weighers" (PTW), rail cars can be weighed without having to modify and part of the rail. When installing the PTW, all it takes is finding a spot on the rail, assembling the PTW and properly positioning and securing it onto the track.


There are two basic components to the in-motion rail scale weighing system:
1) The track-side components which consist of computing devices, software and a power source
2) The rail-mounted components which consist of sensors and cables

These components work together to measure the weight of a vehicle on specified parts of the track. A detecting device captures the statistical data. This data provides information such as the weight of the vehicle and whether the vehicle is overloaded or off balance. These are very important factors because if the vehicle is overloaded or imbalance, the load would be deemed unsafe.

Advantages of In-Motion Rail Scales for Mining Operations Systemsin motion rail scale澳门皇冠体育投注登录娱乐

There are many advantages with in-motion rail scale systems as opposed to traditional mining scales where vehicles have to first come to a standstill. Some of these advantages include:

  • Highly effective and accurate means of measurement and reporting
  • Highly efficient in-motion rail scales
  • Reduces chances of derailment
  • Increases safety during weighing processes
  • Rail cars can stay on the tracks while being weighed
  • Utilize advanced weighing software for further accuracy
  • In-motion rail scales are easy to install and operate
  • Rail scale systems can save time, energy and money
  • These scale systems maximize rail car loading
  • Reduces instances of overloading fines

When it comes to weighing systems, the advantages of using an in-motion rail scale in the payload management process is the best bet. Mining companies can use this cost effective, accurate and safe means for weighing vehicles on any track at any location.

3 Types of Mining Truck Scales by Walz Scale 澳门皇冠体育投注登录娱乐

For mining companies and resource extraction operations, weighing payloads is a vital component to profitability. Various 澳门皇冠体育投注app官网 are used to maximized efficiency and productivity, all the while ensuring accuracy of payload weight and streamlining the payload management process.

mining truck scales

Walz Scale, parent company of , has a dedicated branch of it's company specifically for 澳门皇冠体育投注娱乐代理. The branch is called Walz Mining, and below we share three powerful mining truck scales featured on Walz Mining. These systems can be revolutionary in advancing a mining operation to the next level.


Mining site operators looking to minimize transportation costs and optimize efficiency can benefit from articulated mining truck scales. As the name implies, 澳门皇冠体育有问题投注 are primarily integrated on articulated trucks which are used for hauling and other specialized mining operations. They are often utilized to reduce the number of trips required to transfer loads and materials, so integrating scales on these types of mining trucks can take one step out of the equation. Additionally, mining companies can save on fuel costs with articulated mining truck scales as well as minimize bottlenecks involved with weighing loads using a different or external scale system.

Underground Mining Truck Scales underground truck scales澳门皇冠体育投注平台

Underground mining truck scales are extremely advantageous for mining operations that involve extensive underground operations. These types of mining truck scales are designed measure load weight while transferring materials from the resource extraction site to the next stage of the process. In other word, these are in-motion truck scales that are integrated as onboard scales (able to measure load content while on the truck, with no external scale system). In short, 澳门皇冠体育投注软件ios offer incredible investment of mining operations below ground.


Perhaps the most popular and functional mining truck scale is the 澳门皇冠体育投注软件官方 from Walz. With the haul truck scale, operators can weigh loads while the truck is in-motion. Additionally, this heavy-duty truck scale system is extremely accurate and can be integrated with the "DW-2" scale monitoring system for production mangement. This versatile mining truck scale is a sound solution for all types of mining companies and can be integrated on a number of different haul trucks.

The primary advantage behind these types of mining truck scales for sale is that they can take one extra step out of the weighing process. These scale systems significantly help optimize mining site operations by enabling operators to weigh loads while on the truck, while it's in motion. Coupled with Walz Scale's payload management software, a mining company can realize a wealth of benefits and further streamline its weighing operation.

Portable Wheel Weighers As Efficient Mining Scale Systems 澳门皇冠体育投注代理软件

Portable wheel weighers are also commonly known as "truck axle scales" or sometimes "portable truck scales." 澳门皇冠体育投注娱乐代理 are designed to calculate the weight of trucks, but in most cases the load weight that a truck is carrying. portable wheel weighers

Portable wheel weighers can serve a two-fold purpose. The first is to determine the exact weight of the trucks to ensure that they're within the maximum weight limit for roadways. The second is to offer a means to calculate load weight (or payloads) of the contents in which a truck is hauling.

As a result, wheel weighers are suitable for applications in many different fields and industries, such as mining, farming, shipping and freight.


Most mining operations make use of hauling trucks with large and heavy tires. There is a constant need to weigh these vehicles to determine payload weights of the resources in which they are hauling.

For this reason, mining operations demand an accurate means for payload weighing and management. Unlike other mining truck scales, these portable wheel weighers are the most efficient in the form of investment for mining companies. Some of the reasons why they make the best choice among portable truck scales include the following:

  • 澳门皇冠体育投注app官网 Some of the other scales that include those found in weigh stations are way too costly in relation to the expected returns. With the portable scales, it is not necessary to make constant trips to the stations. It makes it possible to save as they can also work in a broad range of terrain.
  • 澳门皇冠体育投注 The ability to move these scales from one location to another is amazing. This gives them an upper hand over the other scales in the industry. They are able to weigh when the trucks are both on-road and off-road. Therefore, they provide a high level of consistency in terms of ensuring that the truck safety regulations are observed at all times.
  • 澳门皇冠体育投注代理软件 Wheel weighers are developed in a unique design that gives them the ability to weigh huge OTR tires. Wheel weighers are constructed with an oversize that offers them greater ability to weigh the tracks off road at whichever location of your choice.

The mining industry is among those that bring in huge amounts of return and wealth to many areas. Taking part in the activities in this industry is bound to be a huge investment. Owing to this, highly innovative and technologically advanced machinery should be used for efficiency and accuracy.

One of these is the portable wheel weighers that help in reducing the inconveniences of having to weigh the huge vehicles and the tires at designated places. As such, they are among the best scales for mining sites since they ensure that the work continues smoothly at whatever stage of the production.

Conveyor Belt Scale For Optimized Mining Operations 澳门皇冠体育投注软件官方

In various mining-related industries, a conveyor belt scale can offer one of the most significant assets for the payload measurement and management process. Since most mining operations involve the relocation of resources and materials from the extraction point to a final load stage, weighing efficiency is a key objective.

Conveyor Belt Scale

For improved production and throughput during the relocation and weighing process, a conveyor belt scale system offers an effective alternative. Compared to static weighing scales, conveyor belt scales allow in-motion weighing of materials during the relocation process. This takes eliminates one cumbersome step from the process, helping mining companies establish a more cost-efficient operation.

Features of Pfeundt Conveyor Belt Scales for MiningConveyor Belt Scales澳门皇冠体育投注官网澳门皇冠体育投注网站娱乐

澳门皇冠体育投注注册检测 offer a wide range of features. In addition to providing exceptional accuracy, mining operations can take advantage of:

  • Simple and fast set-up and easy to use operation
  • Optimized internal data memory that stores daily totals
  • Modular construction for optimal accuracy and minimal
  • Easy to use illuminated display interface
  • Target weight input and relay for target comparisonsbelt scale

Pfeundt conveyor belt scale systems provides highly accurate measurements by leveraging an advanced system that considers conveyor belt speeds, wheel weights, and other variables. These systems offer incredible value to mining companies and other industrial-based applications.

To learn more about conveyor belt scales for mining, visit Walz Scale, a company that offers custom integrated Pfeundt conveyor belt scales.

The Top Load Scanner for Mining Operations 澳门皇冠体育投注检测代理

An accurate and dependable load scanner can be mining operators best friend. Enabling users to better manage and track haulage assets, load scanner systems are paramount for effective payload management in the mining industry. volumetric load scanner

In this article, we delve into the highly-rated, top load scanner system for mining companies. That is, the best-in-class 澳门皇冠体育投注网站娱乐 developed by Walz Scale.


The Volumetric Load Scanner is unlike other forms of load scanning technology. This tool delivers a powerful means to accurately calculate load volumes without weighing metrics and other costly technologies.

Designed specifically for cost-sensitive mining operations, the Volumetric Load Scanner can be easily equipped to virtually any application or payload management process. To get a glimps of the system in action, check out the video below.

The load scanner system by Walz Scale generates high definition 3D images of the load. These 3D images enable operators to manage truck loads and track details like: load position, material compaction, spillage and carry back monitoring.


The Volumetric Load Scanner is integrated with Walz Scale's Payload Pro Operating System. This computer platform (which can be used on a number of devices) provides real-time data, allowing operators to leverage the tools necessary to manage their truck loads. Volume Load Scanner Software

Additionally, users can take advantage of custom reporting features with the Volumetric Load Scanning System. Load tickets can be automatically generated, printed, emailed or uploaded to your web-based account (cloud).

To learn more about Volumetric Load Scanner by Walz Scale, click here to view the page on this product.

In-Depth Look at Onboard Weighing Systems by PFREUNDT 澳门皇冠体育投注官网官网

As the golden standard for years in the mining industry, weighing payloads was done with an isolated scale system. Not only did having one scale (or a possibly several depending on the operation) cause inefficiencies in mining truck logistics, but such weighing systems were costly in many respects. Mining Scales

PFREUNDT is a company that has developed an ingenious form of weighing technology that's offered a modern solution. 澳门皇冠体育有问题投注specializes in mobile, onboard weighing systems or onboard truck scale technology which can integrated on various types of mining equipment (like conveyor belts, rope shovels, backhoe loaders, haul trucks, and more.) Once fitted on the truck or piece of equipment, PFREUNDT's onboard scale systems can measure the weight of each load while the unit is in-motion.

With the efficiencies gained from PFREUNDT technology, the payload weighing and management process can be both faster and cheaper for mining companies. Learn more below about PFREUNDT onboard weighing systems, or visit Walz Onboard a branch of our parent company Walz Scale uses PFREUNDT for its onboard scales.


PFREUNDT weighing technology offers numerous benefits for mining companies, in addition to other businesses in logistics, farming and agriculture. Below we go in-depth with the features and benefits of PFREUNDT systems.

Integrated Connectivity Onboard Weighing System澳门皇冠体育投注在线下载

PFREUNDT weighing systems are often integrated with software platforms like Payload Pro Software or Yield Pro Software which is viewable on PC's, tablets, and other mobile devices. This enables easy web-based access to instantly monitor, track, and analyze data. Less advanced PFREUNDT systems can be equipped with basic digital monitor units that show measurements and other information.


Meeting specific load weight objectives or being within certain limitations is better achieved with onboard weighing capabilities. Onboard systems eliminate the need for post-load correction as truck operators are able to view load measurement data in real time.


As previously mentioned, the weighing systems of the past incur higher expenses in many different ways. Large-scale mining sites that still operate with isolated scales have a lot to gain with onboard weighing technology. At the end of the day, users of PFREUNDT-based weighing systems can save a significant amount of time and money.

To learn more visit the website of PFREUNDT. Or visit the websites of Walz Scale and Ag Weigh (farming) for real world solutions using onboard weighing systems.

Ultra-Portable Scale System for Remoting Payload Management 澳门皇冠体育投注检测网址


Managing payloads on mining equipment in remote locations can be very difficult if not impossible. Caterpillar looks to Walz to develop an ultra portable weighing system for managing truck payloads in remote global locations. 

The Solution Portable Truck Scale澳门皇冠体育投注线路下载

Walz Scale develops our 澳门皇冠体育投注软件官方. These portable weighing pads are built entirely of aluminum and provide accurate weights on vehicle axles up to 44 tons. Used primarily for articulated and underground mining trucks, these scales are fully portable and can moved by hand.


With the portable scale systems developed by Walz Scale, Caterpillar can take advantage of many benefits, including:

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Fully Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Static & In-Motion Weighing
  • Battery Operation

Portable Weighing Pads

Carry Back Monitoring System 澳门皇冠体育投注平台


Mining operations look to Walz to develop a solution for monitoring carry back on large mining trucks. The ability to catch and regulate carry back can pay big dividends to increase mine site production.

The Solution Carry Back Monitoring澳门皇冠体育投注软件官方

Walz Scale develops a 3D load scanning tool for real time monitoring of mining truck bodies and trays. This new technology provides high definition 3D images for mine dispatch.


With the澳门皇冠体育投注官网 system designed by Walz Scale, customers can realize many advantages.

  • In-Motion Scanning
  • 3D Images
  • Real Time Data

Load Position Monitoring: Volume Load Scanner Technology 澳门皇冠体育投注官网官网


Managing load position in mining truck beds can be a very difficult task. Proper loading is imperative to maintain accurate load distribution and reducing machine component damage. Mining operators need an accurate and seamlessly integrative 澳门皇冠体育投注娱乐下载 system to help optimize the management truck bed load positions.

volumetric truck scanner


Walz Scale develops a 澳门皇冠体育投注注册检测 This volume load scanner system incorporate new laser technology that provides real time feedback to dispatch and shovel operators.


With the 3D volume load scanner system engineered by Walz Scale, customers can realize many advantages.

  • In-Motion Load Scanning
  • 3D Load Images
  • Real Time Data

Load Scanner

Jack Stand Scales for Mining Sites 澳门皇冠体育投注网址注册


Jack Stand Scales

The commissioning of new trucks and maintaining accurate empty weight measurement can be very difficult on large mining trucks. Maintaining accurate empty weights are are however extremely important in managing proper carried payloads. 


Walz Scale develops a 澳门皇冠体育投注代理软件. The jack stand scale enables mine sites to use their existing hydraulic jack or lift stands to capture extremely accurate empty vehicle weights.


With the portable jack stand scales engineered by Walz Scale, customers can realize many advantages.

  • Capture Accurate Empty Vehicle Weights
  • Portable Design
  • Use Your Existing Lift Stands
  • Simple to Use

Saddle Scale System


Mining Scale is a branch of Walz Mining, a 澳门皇冠体育投注app首页 for resource extraction companies. Mining Scale was spawned as a resource for companies in need for advanced weighing products and solutions.

From portable scales to weigh trucks and heavy duty axle scales, to onboard mining truck scales and conveyor belt scales, Mining Scale is your source for all types weighing technologies and payload management solutions. To find more information, products and solutions, visit Walz Mining too see various mining scale systems.

Also in partnership of is the technological leader in load scanner systems, This advanced load scanner has progressed payload management processes for many mining companies.






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